ELM Ambassador: Adam Stahl's Go Fund Me!

Thank you to our amazing long-time Camp AmeriKids volunteer, Adam Stahl, for taking the time to raise awareness an funds!

From Adam:

Family, friends, friends of friends, and randos who somehow discovered this page:

For those of you who know me well, you know I appreciate and enjoy many things in life: food, traveling, banter, sports, an occasional salami sandwich and cannoli (yes, I realize I already said food but my love for cuisine cannot be overstated). 

Conversely, you also know my disdain for running-outside or on a treadmill. I absolutely hate everything about it-but, one thing that eclipses my hatred for running is my love for The Elm Project, an incredible non-profit that provides mentorship and support to urban youth infected/affected with HIV and Sickle Cell Disease, with which I have had the pleasure of volunteering for over the past decade (For more information, visit https://elm-project.org/about/). 

The Elm Project has and continues to have an invaluable impact on thousands of these childrens lives as they deal with the many medical and non-medical challenges that many youth face during this already difficult stage of life. 

Although I hate hate hate running, it is the least I can do to raise money for an incredibly worth cause that has had such a far-reaching impact on so many children. 

Thanks so much for your donations and please pray for me (that I can finish this half-marathon that is..).