Friday, August 3rd: Arrival! Most volunteers arrive the night before to settle in before orientation begins early Saturday morning.

Saturday, August 4th, 9am:  Mandatory Orientation. 

Sunday, August 5th - CAMPERS ARRIVE!

Saturday, August 11th - CAMPERS DEPART + CAMP CLEAN-UP. 


  1. The Camp AmeriKids Volunteer form for NON-MEDICAL STAFF is April 15th, 2018. 
    1. Notifications for non-medical staff will be made on or around May 14th.
  2. All accepted volunteers must have a physical and submit a Staff Health Form by June 23rd.


Camp Kutz
46 Bowen Rd
Warwick, NY 10990

(845) 987-6300


Map of Camp AmeriKids:

[insert map here]


Chipmunk (ages 8-9)
Raccoon (ages 10-11)
Owl (ages 12-13)
Frog (ages 14-16)

Fox  (ages 8-9)
Coyote (ages 10-11)
Hawk (ages 12-13)
Bat (ages 14-16)


Greatest Straightest Line
Speckled Plunger
Double Coverage
Participation Spear
Stargram Lady
Halloween Guest
Skip Around the Room
Zulu Time

Things to note:

Cell Phone/Wifi: Wifi is there but not strong, especially in the boy's cabins and oldest girls' cabins. Verizon works best. 


what to bring to camp:

Cabin Packing Ideas: 

pens/crayons/colored pencils + paper/kid-proof scissors
decorations based on the week's theme
sharpies (the last day of camp these are like liquid gold for signing shirts)
small notebook
bluetooth Speaker
extension Cord
music already downoaded (non-explicit)
bluetooth speaker

Personal Packing Ideas:

luau outfit for the dance (colors are fun!)
daily outfits inspired by the word of the day! (TBD)
umbrella/poncho/raincoat/rain shoes
laundry bag
sneakers/close-toed shoes (for nature walks and for climbing the tower!)
sweatshirt + sweatpants + light scarf (it can get chilly at night! and some programs are in AC!)
tees + tanks
2 bathing suits (one always seems to be wet and that's no fun)
bag/fanny pack (we provide them but you will need a bag of some sort on you all day)
tupperware/ziplock bags
extra blanket if you tend to get cold
towels (2) one for pool one for showering (quick dry towels are awesome!)
herbal tea bags/Mug
flashlight (although our phones do it all now)
water bottle
iced coffee packets

Have anything to add that might be helpful? Send us an email, below!

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