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“For one week in my life I don’t have to worry about my problems at home or in school. Camp is my escape.”  

- Camp AmeriKids camper, Hawk Cabin



Sunday, August 4th - Saturday, August 10th

Camp AmeriKids

Camp AmeriKids is our first and longest running program — a one-week residential summer camp for children ages 8-16 who are affected by HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, and other chronic illnesses.


We support youth who might not normally be able to attend camp due to medical concerns and give them a jam-packed, fun-filled week of summer camp. All of our programs are offered free of charge to our kids and their families/guardians. 

“I come to camp to not be judged and to just be myself.”

- Camp AmeriKids camper, Raccoon Cabin

Medical Support

We have a comprehensive medical team living at camp, available 24/7, which allows youth living with a chronic illness to have a great time at camp while ensuring their health and well-being are closely monitored.


In addition to our medical staff, our Wellness Team is on site at all times and is overseen by a mental health professional. There is one child specialist working with each age group who assists counselors and staff members in managing any youth challenges associated with living in a new environment.


Besides daily sessions in sports, dance, drama, spoken word, arts and crafts, and more, we have a variety of special events! From luau night and carnival day to evening campfires and lunch time lip sync battles — we guarantee you'll be laughing and dancing your way through the best week ever! 

“I am never alone when I am down because Camp AmeriKids is my family and will always be a part of me.”  

- Camp AmeriKids camper, Bat Cabin


Join us AS A CAMPER this summer!

If you are affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, or another chronic illness and between the ages of 8-16, join our family today!  We serve youth living in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey with free transportation to our camp located in Warwick, New York.